Trade Builds

We have a great deal of experience in providing contract projects to building firms when they build new houses, fitting sliding wardrobes in new build homes around Devon.

For many years builders have used what we call “builders wardrobes” which are made up of a couple of interior doors fitted into a stud frame with plasterboard and skirting around. We’ve spent many years been chopping these out and fitting our wardrobes in their place! More recently we have been working with building companies to give a quality product to enhance the houses they are building making them more appealing to the customer.

Around Devon there are many new build houses and holiday apartments being built many of which would benefit greatly from fitted sliding wardrobes in where they would normally fit plasterboard walls and hollow doors.

It needn’t be expensive either; we can work with most budgets to give a quality product to help with the sale of holiday apartments or retirement homes.

Whatever your project, we can work with it.